Case Study #1: Leta Sobierjski: Odd Pairs Campaign

Leta Sobierjski is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn whose works exhibit a surreal yet fresh mood. Her works depict a joyful and macabre look that are both uneasy and seductive.

The images here are from her work with Odd Pears, an Australian company that sells quirky and colorful socks shown here. In her work on the Odd Pairs Campaign, we can see a Odd Pairs’ products as items for the people who dare to be more than themselves. The colors indicate the freshness that the products aim to describe its wearer. The colors’ strength and vibrance connote the loudness or should I say, confidence that Odd Pairs believe their patrons have. They are loud and colorful, with loud and colorful personalities.


The incorporation of fruits further strengthens this persona that Leta designed for Odd Pairs’ customers. Their customers are young and fresh, both literally and figuratively. They are people filled with juice in their lives.

The legs are a freaky addition to the work. Though feet are an easy requirement to advertise socks, her choice to incorporate full, naked legs add a level of sensuality to work and to the product. It is however ‘destroyed’ yet beautifully by the decision of the designer to disconnect the limbs from the body, making them inanimate, lifeless objects. The pale coloration of the legs not only enhance the colors of everything else, but also intensifies the great contradiction in the work.


This fight between the freshness and sensuality of colors and elements, and the disconnected and pale limbs create that unique and beautifully uneasy mood that makes this set of works unique.


Do you think this product is for you?

All images are from the designer’s Behance account that you can access HERE.


Case Study collects works from different artists and tries to analyze and deconstruct their works to see what makes them work.

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