BeInspired #3: Awesome Designs Using Wood

There has always been this saying that ‘nature is the best designer’ and that ‘to see what goes together well, simply look at nature.’ To me, this is completely true, not simply in a personal aesthetic fashion, but also in a practical way. If we were to look at Design and Aesthetics from a Darwinian perspective, Aesthetics and Pragmatics are the paramount to the survival of a species, thus leaving nature beautiful and useful. But that might be too overreaching.

Current design trends tend to go towards a more natural and raw look and feel, probably attributed to several factors such as the spread of environmental awareness wherein brands are now trying to attribute their brands to the ‘Go Green’ cause; it can also be because if the sincerity and warmth natural and raw design exhibits that seems to counteract the cold, digital medium that we live in today. Steve Jobs preferred skewmorphism over flat design because skwemorphic designs are more emotionally in touch with people than flat designs; and probably this is the strength of natural, or raw wood.

The following are beautiful design works that make use of wood or wood texture to give the items a more warm, approachable, and even ‘guilt-less’ look. Enjoy!


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The web is a goldmine of design knowledge and inspiration. We collected some of the best works we found to keep us designers inspired. Of course, we try to get inspiration from all fields!

Do you have works or friends or idols that inspire you? Let’s help each other out and share!

Send your works to:





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