Case Study #2: Ramotion Inc.: iOS App Development Company

The Apple Store houses several thousands of mobile applications created by hundreds or thousands of app developers, both amateur and professionals. Mobile apps have become a way for smart phone users to be even more in-touch with the things they need. May it be for communications, entertainment, cooking, health or note taking, as the saying goes: “there’s a app for that!”

Mobile apps have brought the bulky and complicated computer programs once only available to personal computers to our minute hand-held devices, which are now not simply for communication, but also a day-to-day assistance or ‘activity partner.’ Being a new field with has limitless possibilities today, several designers and companies are now being set up to compete and take a part of the cake. Such stiff competition brought to life some of the better app development companies that mean not only to provide working apps, but also imaginative, innovative and enjoyable mobile apps in the market. One such company is Ramotion Inc.

Ramotion Inc. is a California-based app development company that has a collection of beautifully rendered and intelligently crafted designs. Their concept design for the iPad Pro is currently one of the most appreciated posts in Behance.


A quick check in their Behance portfolio tells the audience of their attention to design detail and concept, displaying serious skills not just in rendition but also in understanding user experience.

Their design concept for Viber for the iOS, stays loyal to the design DNA of the no-frills, smoothness of the platform. However, the minimal details do not make their designs feel lacking, true to the ideals of minimalism; instead, it shows control and a strong command of design elements. The colors are carefully picked, and proportions planned.

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 10.20.17 PM

Their control of their designs do not only manifest in the choice of colors or layout but also in the experience they choose to give their users. Their design, as indicated above is educated by research to stay realistic and compatible to human behavior.

Their approach to icon design is equally impressive. Multiple studies are sketched and rendered. Possibilities are exhausted to squeeze out the best possible comprehensive sketch.



Three- dimensionality is also apparent in their designs, as if it was their default creative mentality. The icons sketched and rendered make use of different layers, figures and grounds to ‘thicken’ the visual experience of the users. Their mastery of skewmorphism, though contrary to their proficiency in flat design exhibited in the Viber concept, is equally awesome.


Lastly and most impressive perhaps is their grasp of 3d rendering as shown here. Their attention to detail can be seen in the careful selection and application of the gloves’ texture and shadows.

See more of their portfolio through the link HERE.


Case Study collects works from different artists and tries to analyze and deconstruct their works to see what makes them work.

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