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Wes Anderson is generally considered as a modern directorial genius who is able to compose immaculate shots true to the tone and message of his stories. His style is solid and consistent but far from being flat, boring and lazy. He explores new techniques in each film that he does and tries to continually add new weapons in the artistic and story-telling battle he designed.



BeInspired #4: Exploration in Christian – Related Design

Religion is a giant force of influence to civilization. It seeps through every part of our lives, whether we like it or not, and whether or not we are believers. It is undeniable that it has greatly influenced both artists and designers to create works that either support, or critique religion; and that this relationship between religion and the Creatives has opened up human consciousness in many ways.

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I Can Work Here #1: Wood, Light, Contrast

Chances are, we spend more time in the office than in our own living rooms. The reason for this isn’t simply because ‘our work is there’ but rather because that is where we feel the most productive; and work is instinctual because it leads to survival. Basic need.  So why spend our lives in sad, and damp work spaces when it there are countless possibilities to beautify our work caves? Continue reading I Can Work Here #1: Wood, Light, Contrast

BeInspired #3: Awesome Designs Using Wood

There has always been this saying that ‘nature is the best designer’ and that ‘to see what goes together well, simply look at nature.’ To me, this is completely true, not simply in a personal aesthetic fashion, but also in a practical way. If we were to look at Design and Aesthetics from a Darwinian perspective, Aesthetics and Pragmatics are the paramount to the survival of a species, thus leaving nature beautiful and useful. But that might be too overreaching.

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I Can Live Here #1: From Attic to Game Room

The attic is often romanticized in the movies and in books as the dusty, dirty, damp forgotten place in our homes where the dead or evil spirits live. It also holds a special place in our childhood as the “final frontier” of our homes.


Here are some tips by Decoist on how to repurpose the attic from a triple D (dusty, dirty, damp) to a lively and useful section of the house.

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15 Great Films With Distinctive Visual Style | Taste of Cinema


Visual storytelling is as important in film as is it in graphic design. Here are 15 films presented by Taste of Cinema that depict distict visual styles that not only enhance the look of films but strengthens the storytelling as well!

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