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Dzinepress makes it easier to learn HTML5

Html 5 provides improved user experience that will not only make your websites look better, but also more functional and immersive in different platforms or devices. Dzinepress has put together the ultimate easy guide for designers and developers who wish to explore the new medium.

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To discuss and inspire

Design is more than how ‘something looks like.’ We designers now how much work goes into a piece: all the research, concept boards, concept maps and design studies; we celebrate all that here.


D3sign Discourse is more than a design inspiration website. This is our place to talk about, and discuss design works. This is our own place to talk design in its many forms. Designers of all disciples are welcome, and design works of different disciplines are featured. This is our place to comment, discuss, critique, and help improve each others’ work, or learn from others’ projects.


We know that our designs are more than their appearance: they are he results of decisions we made to contain, or give body to our messages, opinions, ideals or even creeds, to that others may receive and understand them.