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I Can Work Here #1: Wood, Light, Contrast

Chances are, we spend more time in the office than in our own living rooms. The reason for this isn’t simply because ‘our work is there’ but rather because that is where we feel the most productive; and work is instinctual because it leads to survival. Basic need.  So why spend our lives in sad, and damp work spaces when it there are countless possibilities to beautify our work caves? Continue reading I Can Work Here #1: Wood, Light, Contrast


BeInspired # 2: Stylish Illustrations of people

The web is a goldmine of design knowledge and inspiration. We collected some of the best works we found to keep us designers inspired. Of course, we try to get inspiration from all fields!

Do you have works or friends or idols that inspire you? Let’s help each other out and share!

Send your works to: d3signdiscourse@gmail.com

Continue reading BeInspired # 2: Stylish Illustrations of people

15 Great Films With Distinctive Visual Style | Taste of Cinema


Visual storytelling is as important in film as is it in graphic design. Here are 15 films presented by Taste of Cinema that depict distict visual styles that not only enhance the look of films but strengthens the storytelling as well!

Here’s the link!